The Vineyards

The Vineyards

Our objective is always to reach a natural balance in the vineyards. We look to produce the perfect amount of intense fruit on each plant without the use of fertilizers of any kind. This is achieved by obtaining a balance between what the vines take out of the soil and what we put back in. To achieve uniformity in quality we sow potassium-rich fava beans in the parts of the vineyards where the vines find it difficult to find nutrients and barley or other corn types in the areas with an excessive vigour. We practice as natural a form of agriculture as possible, trying to make wine without toxic residues but also trying to achieve the highest quality we can.

We only use natural products like copper and sulphur, and we monitor pest populations so that we use pesticides exclusively when necessary. When we do so it is always with products that are certified for organic farming. We do not use weed-killer. During harvest we select grapes in the vineyard, waiting for optimum ripeness and picking up to 3 separate times in the same vineyard, so harvest can take up to a month.

Vineyards Extension: Ha 10.12.53 (25,3 acres)
Vineyards by Appellation: Chianti Classico DOCG: Ha 6.81.15 (16,5 acres); Toscana IGT: Ha 3.31.38 (8,8 acres)
Approximate Vineyard Extension by Variety: Sangiovese: 54%; Cabernet Sauvignon: 21%; Merlot: 12%; Syrah: 5%; Canaiolo: 10%

This diversity of soil types, together with different grape varieties and exposures, give a series of variables that allow us to make excellent and unique wines in all climate conditions a vintage can offer.

Estate Size: Ha 95.14.51 (235 acres)