Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione is the new appellation, established with the 2013 vintage, which sets the standard for the maximum our territory can express. To meet this standard the requirements are that the grapes are grown on the estate, that it is aged for at least 30 months, of which 3 in bottle, and that it pass the strict requirements of a tasting panel at the Consorzio Chianti Classico, the ruling organ of our appellation. Our Gran Selezione is made from the top selection of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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This is the new benchmark for Chianti Classico wines, established with the 2012 vintage by the Consorzio, the ruling body of our appellation: only home-grown grapes, minimum 30 months of ageing and stricter quality standards.

Grape Varieties: 80% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Harvest:   September 26th – October 16th.
Ageing: Sangiovese: 12 months in neutral barriques; Cabernet Sauvignon: 12 months in barriques – 90% neutral, 10% new. After the blend the wine went back into neutral barriques for 12 months. Bottled January 2016

Harvest Report: Very wet, with repeated rainfalls during the summer, which required severe green harvest and spraying of sulphur and copper. Total production was Hl 283,4 from 10 hectares. Fortunately good weather during harvest and selective picking (up to three different selections in each vineyard) rewarded us for the hard work in the vineyards during the ripening season. Compared to 2012, we made wines more typical of our territory: full-bodied, warm with a silky tannin structure.


by Marcelo Copello



In the tenth Canto of the Inferno, Dante refers to the Arbia river, which defines the limit of our property to the East, describing the battle of Monteaperti between Florence and Siena in 1260. This wine sets a new course for our top Sangiovese, and so we have therefore decided to give it a name: Canto Dieci.

Grape Varieties: 100% Sangiovese.
Harvest: September 18th – October 15th.
Ageing: 18 months in traditional 30 Hl oak casks. Bottled March 2017

Harvest Report: Frequent rain and low average temperatures required several rigorous sprayings of copper and sulphur, and the thinning of leaves in front of the grapes to allow better airing and keep them dry. Despite hard work in the vineyard, we learned that fresh vintages like 2014 go very well with our terroir, as we are in one of the warmest areas in the Chianti Classico appellation. The harvest took place without any rain, and we picked two selections of Sangiovese, at a distance of a fortnight from each other. The 2014 wines are elegant and powerful at the same time, with an acidity that gives them freshness and drinkability. A unique vintage with a unique character.